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inspired by nature, designed for living

enigmalife+ denture teeth are truly inspired by nature. Our guide in their design was the beauty, detail and proportions that nature builds into our teeth and we sought to reproduce its miracle. Never before in a range of denture teeth has so much attention been paid to its natural beauty.

Not only do enigmalife+ look and feel like your patients’ own teeth, they help them to regain their appearance and function. Compare them to any denture teeth that you have used before, and you will see why they set the new standard. enigmalife+ are the teeth of choice when you are seeking to provide the very best dentures for your patients.


 Some advantages of enigmalife+ teeth are: 

  • Aesthetics never before achieved in a denture tooth.
  • Natural opalescence and fluorescence.
  • Laterals, canines and centrals are all true to nature.
  • Advanced occlusal concept to improve stability and comfort.
  • Can be set up to almost any occlusal arrangement.
  • High strength and wear characteristics.
  • improved colour stability and plaque resistance.
  • Strong bond to the denture base material.
  • Eighteen beautiful shades including 16 A-D and two new bleach shades BL2 & BL3.