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anterior tooth selection

enigmalife+ inspiration anteriors are based on exhaustive studies of natural dentition. Their design includes:

  • Natural anatomical shapes and carefully sculpted marginal ridges provide a remarkable true to nature three dimensional appearance.
  • Internal layering reproduces the complexity of a natural tooth and provides incredible vitality.
  • A beautiful smile is symmetrical around the centre line of the face. enigmalife+ teeth are exact mirror images on each side of the mouth.
  • Greater incisal translucency.
  • Like natural teeth, enigmalife+ have a natural opalescent look and fluoresce under UV light, so appear vital even under different lighting conditions.
  •  Simulation of the perikymata on the labial surfaces provides natural reflections.
  • Laterals are lighter than centrals. Canines are darker mesially with greater translucency distally.
  • The necks of natural teeth are darker and this is also subtly reproduced in enigmalife+ teeth.
  • enigmalife+ inspiration anterior teeth have long contacts to reduce the gum visible at the cervical margins.

enigmalife+ inspiration anteriors are supplied in a series of three harmonious and lifelike shapes: IS for square, IT for triangular and IR for rectangular. There is even an extra large mould IR10 for those situations where an extra large but perfectly designed tooth, is required.

enigmalife+ character upper anteriors

The enigmalife+ character range of anterior teeth are chosen from shapes that have proven themselves over time as natural favourites with both denture wearers and the clinical team. We have designed them incorporating the aesthetic advances of the whole enigmalife+ range.

Compare the laterals and the canines and you will see just how much truer to nature they are compared to other denture teeth you have used before. Observe the labial surfaces and see how they provide natural reflections by breaking up the incident light. The incisal edges of both centrals and laterals have greater translucency with a blue white opalescence and with natural mamelons in both upper and lower sets. Some moulds in the range have longer darker necks, perfectly reflecting the relationship between anatomic root and crown.

enigmalife+ character upper anteriors are supplied in a wide range of moulds. There are seven square S moulds, six D moulds and five K moulds in the range.


aesthetic lower anteriors

For many people their lower teeth are just as visible as their upper ones, so we spent just as much time designing them. Look carefully at the modelling of these teeth and you will see that they perfectly reflect nature in their shapes, marginal ridges and buccal surfaces. Just as important are the lingual surfaces where lower teeth play such an important role in phonetics.

There are nine enigmalife+ lower moulds giving a wide range of lengths and widths to suit all clinical situations. They include two attractive larger moulds L10 and L11 that are particularly useful for partials and implant stabilised dentures. A selection of moulds are shown below.