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Promotional tools such as the enigmalife+ chairside, shade guides, patient literature and guide books are all available to help you market the enigmalife denture system to your patients.

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enigmalife+ chairside
Designed for use where the clinician and patient can view and select the ideal enigmalife+ upper anterior tooth mould. The upper anterior tooth mould is of primary concern in a clinical setting and the enigmalife+ chairside assortment displays all options in a compact and easy to handle format.The attractive aluminium framed and branded case is of high quality reflecting the premium range of teeth on display to the patient. The enigmalife+ chairside assortment contains all upper anterior tooth moulds, two lower anterior tooth moulds and examples of S and P posterior teeth both upper and lower along with the enigmalife+ shade guide.

Contains: 1 set each of 18 enigmalife+ character upper anteriors (seven S moulds, six D moulds & five K moulds), 1 set each of 10 enigmalife+ inspiration upper anteriors (4 IR moulds, 3 IS moulds & 3 IT moulds), 2 sets of lower anteriors (L5 & L8), 4 sets of enigmalife+ posteriors (1 set of uppers & lowers in each of an "S" and "P" mould) plus an enigmalife+ shade guide, presented in an attractive patient display case.

enigmalife+ representative case 
The enigmalife+ representative case displays the full range of anterior and posterior teeth along with the shade guide. It is designed to be used as a sales tool when introducing and demonstrating enigmalife+ to new customers. This case is a larger version of that used for the chairside assortment and makes the same statement of high quality and a premium brand, displaying the range with maximum impact. The enigmalife+ representative case has also proved popular as a "mould selector" on the laboratory workbench, allowing Dental Technician's to pick up and try the tooth moulds against the actual case models.

enigmalife+ shade guide
The enigmalife+ shade guide shows you the choice of the sixteen A-D shades together with two bleach shades BL2 and BL3. Shade selection should be carried out with the patient either in daylight or defined lighting conditions. The enigmalife+ shade guide enables consistent and accurate shade taking because it is made from the same materials and uses the same layering system as the enigmalife+ teeth themselves.

enigmalife+ patient literature
The enigmalife+ patient information leaflet is designed to be read by the denture patient to inform them of the benefits of choosing a denture made with enigmalife+ denture teeth. For use as "Point of Sale" material in the patient waiting room or by the clinician at the initial consultation appointment the leaflet can be taken home by the patient to read in comfort. This four page brochure is a discreet size that does not advertise that the patient is a denture wearer and the information inside guides the patient choice through an explanation of the features and benefits of choosing enigmalife+. The enigmalife+ patient information leaflet is an effective tool for promoting and generating demand from the end user, the denture wearer. A printed high quality point of sale dispenser is also available for the patient information leaflet.

enigmalife+ poster
The enigmalife+ poster shows the outstanding aesthetics of enigmalife+ denture teeth. Featuring an actual patient case by Dr Finlay Sutton and Mr Rowan Garstang the case demonstrates how enigmalife+ are indistinguishable from the patient's own natural teeth. One of the upper anterior teeth is the patient's own natural tooth, the other teeth are enigmalife+ denture teeth. On many occasions when asked to identify the natural tooth both Dental Technicians and Dentists often guess incorrectly and showing just how true to nature enigmalife+ really are. When used as a sales tool the enigmalife+ Poster demonstrates the natural appearance that is possible with this range of denture teeth. It is ideal for a dental laboratory, however, when used in a clinical setting or patient waiting room it can give the patient a powerful impression of the aesthetic result of enigmalife+. The enigmalife+ poster is B2 size (494x700mm) and produced in high quality print, suitable for framing. There is a space created for dealer contact details in the lower right hand corner. 

enigmalife+ mould chart
The enigmalife+ mould chart is produced in high quality print with gloss detailing and introduces the unique characteristics of enigmalife+ denture teeth. The full mould range is pictured along with combination tables to aid mould selection and descriptions of the inspiration, character, P and S posteriors. Produced in A4 size as an eight page gate fold and printed on both sides.

enigmalife+ technical brochure
Designed to complement the enigmalife+ mould chart the technical brochure explains in more detail the advantages of enigmalife+ teeth. Produced in the same high quality gloss laminated print scheme, the technical brochure details the aesthetic characteristics of enigmalife+ and goes on to illustrate and explain the materials and testing used in the manufacturing and development process. Produced in A4 size over four pages with a fold out back cover.